Kiln Building

Over the years, I have built and fired many kilns. The first I built as a student at Amherst College with a friend. Since that time I have built and repaired numerous kilns, including those at my own studios, at a school for girls in Tanglewood, Massachusetts, at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, at the University of Puget Sound, and at the University of New Mexico.

My current work, at my studio here in Oregon, is first bisque fired in an Olympic “Wide Oval” electric kiln, then hi-fired to cone 10-11 in my hand-built downdraft propane-fired kiln. This gas kiln has two burners, one on either side of the flue, and facing forward, so that the flames have a long journey: they roll down the fire chamber and up the front wall of the kiln before rolling up into the kiln and eventually down and out the flue at the bottom center of the back wall. This and some of my other kilns are pictured below.